How to Use Windows Command Prompt

How To Perform Common Tasks in Windows Command Prompt

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Windows is much more than a graphical user interface. For those of us old enough to remember, we started our PC journey with MS-DOS and then Microsoft Windows. The command prompt was where we worked and we had to learn a few tricks to get the job done. Fast forward to today and we have complex graphical user interfaces that work extremely well, but sometimes the command prompt is just quicker.

In this how to, we have collected a number of common GUI tasks, and shown how the command prompt can be used to get the same job done. These commands will work with Windows 7,8,10 and 11.

Accessing the Command Prompt

1. Click on Start and search for cmd, click on Run as Administrator. With administrator powers you can do some damage, so double check what you are typing before you press the Enter key.

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Clearing the Command Prompt

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