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U.S. May Include AI and Quantum Computing in Chinese Tech Ban

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The U.S. may be looking to tighten its technological noose on China beyond semiconductors. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the Biden administration has been holding internal and external discussions on further cutting China off from high-tech solutions that might impact national and worldwide security. Foremost are the fields of A.I. software and quantum computing, whose potential for worldwide disruption is still under assessment despite breakneck advances. Further sanctions would add power to existing ones, including China’s quantum computing companies (to a degree).

One thing both technological spaces have in common is that they’re still nascent: every day greets us with yet another quantum computing or AI-related headline. Efforts to regulate China’s access to such rapidly-changing technologies leave the Biden administration between a rock and a hard place. Sanctions targeting China have been shown to have nefarious effects on the world at large and American semiconductor companies in particular, not just on its intending recipient.

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