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Raspberry Pi Powers DIY Headless M8 Synthesizer

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 The Raspberry Pi is a versatile tool thanks partly to its compatibility with a vast range of open-source software and compact size. It makes it an ideal system for building many projects and even recreating more expensive devices at a fraction of the cost. Today we’ve got an impressive synthesizer project (opens in new tab) to share with you created by a maker named Ricardo. After hoping to take home a Dirtywave M8 synth, he discovered they were sold out and opted to build his own from scratch using a Raspberry Pi 4.

Ricardo is an experienced musician who was looking to replace some of the functions from his Roland MC-101 with something that had better sound quality and the ability to support audio input. It also had to have compatibility with his Groovebox, a digital instrument designed to make electronic loops. Ricardo also needed the unit to be completely portable and turned to our favorite SBC to create his own.

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