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Apple Mac Users Can Now Purchase a 36-Month Upgrade Plan From Best Buy

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Best Buy has created program for Mac users called Upgrade+ (opens in new tab) that allows customers to upgrade to a new MacBook the way people often switch to new phones: in multi-year increments and paying month-to-month.

With Upgrade+ customers will need to finance a qualifying MacBook with Best Buy for 36 months. Once those 36 months are up, users get the chance to upgrade the MacBook to a newer version via financing, keep the laptop (and make one final payment for the rest of the balance) or return it to Best Buy, where it will likely be sold as used or refurbished. T

The plan requires you to finance your original Mac purchase with Best Buy (through Citizens Pay, subject to credit approval), and is only available for Mac laptops with Apple Silicon (ie. M1 or M2 based chips). It’s not unlike Apple’s iPhone Upgrade program, except that Apple does that over a 1-year period.

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