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One RTX 4090 Is Faster at Password Cracking Than Three 6900XTs, Eight 1080s

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It’s as good a time as any to do a health checkup on your password security practices. While it’s interesting to point out that eight Nvidia RTX 4090 cards can break the most popular password length in under an hour, it’s more important to be aware that the cost to break passwords has been plummeting with each new generation.

Twitter user Chick3nman is at it again, showing just this: He recently tested the current Best Graphics card, and found that a single RTX 4090 delivers Hashcat benchmark performance that’s approximately eight times higher than the score achieved by eight GTX 1080s. That’s also almost twice as fast as Nvidia’s previous-generation RTX 3090. 

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Hashcat is a specialized software used to test graphics cards’ cryptographic performance — which can both mean encryption and decryption. And because graphics cards are highly parallel engines, they’re especially attuned for cryptographic duties, where performance is calculated at hashes per second. After all, this is where the GPU mining crisis that lasted most of the 30-series’ life came from: explosive performance per watt improvements (with a boost from Ethereum’s pricing).

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