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NexPad Laptop Screen Extender Now Available for $249

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The NexPad portable touch monitor and laptop screen extender, which was originally telegraphed to ship in July, is finally available to purchase from for $249.

Nex Computer LLC touts the NexPad as a solution for both laptop and smart device users. In the first proposed use case, the way the NexPad is designed to be used looks a little unusual. As a partner screen for your laptop, NexPad is primarily designed to add its display above the existing laptop panel. 

This is a superior alternative to a side-by-side implementation, according to Nex Computer. It says using the second display at an elevated height “can reduce neck strain and help improve posture, boosting productivity and convenience.” While it’s definitely true that extra screen space helps productivity, Nex Computer didn’t back up its neck strain and posture improvement claims with data or testimonials.

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The NexPad attaches to the top edge of your laptop’s screen using a kickstand and magnet design. Product spec sheets don’t list compatibility requirements, so it should work with any laptop, big or small. At 12 inches, the NexPad is relatively small for a portable monitor, but its mounting system and alleged benefits sound interesting — and it also adds touchscreen functionality, which many laptops lack.

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