Microsoft Mulls Hiking Price of Xbox Consoles and Games

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After Sony increased the price of its PlayStation 5 game console earlier this year, Microsoft said it had no plans to hike the price of its Xbox Series X|S systems. But apparently, the company only meant that it did not have such plans for this holiday season. However, due to inflation and rising costs, Microsoft may ‘have to’ raise the prices of its consoles in the future.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles will continue to carry a $299 and a $499 price tag this holiday season, respectively. The software giant will also continue to charge $59 per standard video game and will not increase the price of its games, unlike some of its industry peers. But as we advance, the company might not be able to sell the systems and games at these prices, said Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s gaming chief, at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Tech Live (opens in new tab) conference earlier this week (via CNET News (opens in new tab)).

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