How to Find Your MAC Address in macOS 13 Ventura

How to Find Your MAC Address in macOS

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When you connect to your wireless router at home or public Wi-Fi, your device needs to be identifiable. The best way to do that is by giving each device that connects its own unique identity that can be trusted to join a network. If you’re using a Mac, Windows PC, an Android smartphone or an iPhone, your device is assigned a unique media access control (MAC) address from the factory.

If your computer has a Wi-Fi adapter and a physical Ethernet port, each will have its own unique MAC address. These MAC addresses are permanent fixtures on a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. So while I may rename my smartphone “Brandon’s iPhone 14 Pro” or change its name to “Brandon Rulez,” the Wi-Fi MAC address will stay the same, allowing me to easily connect to known networks. You may need to know your MAC address for several reasons, including in order to whitelist it on your router (if you want to create a list of allowed devices).

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