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Best Raspberry Pi Pico Accessories and Add-Ons 2022

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When the Raspberry Pi Pico arrived in January 2021, few realised just how popular the $4 microcontroller would become. In a move which disrupted the status quo, Raspberry Pi released its own microcontroller, the RP2040 and partnered with Arduino, Adafruit, Pimoroni and SparkFun to release a plethora of different boards based around this chip. The ongoing chip shortage hasn’t impacted the RP2040. In fact the RP2040 is becoming popular for mass produced projects and has sparked a trend where makers seek to integrate the chip into ever more outlandish projects. Who can blame the savvy makers for choosing a powerful $1 SoC that is actually in stock. Since launch we have seen the RP2040 power a myriad of boards and projects, but to get the most out of the $4 microcontroller we need to get the right accessories.

In June 2022, Raspberry Pi released the follow-up, the Raspberry Pi Pico W which brings Wi-Fi (and eventually Bluetooth) to the Pico form factor, for just $6. The Pico and Pico W share the same GPIO pinout, which means you can use many of the same accessories in your Pico W projects.

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