The PS VR2 headset and controllers

PlayStation VR2 Will Cost More Than PS5

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Sony’s second-generation VR system, the PS VR2, will launch in February for $549.99 — more than the PlayStation 5 console required to use it — according to a PlayStation Blog post (opens in new tab). The company went on to announce 11 new VR games (opens in new tab) to be played on the system, a mix of enhanced versions of current titles and original experiences.

Arriving Feb. 22, 2023, the new PS VR2 (opens in new tab)system consists of a headset and hand controllers, and must be used with a PlayStation 5 console (opens in new tab). Its pair of OLED screens are adjustable, and present a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, with a 110-degree field of view and a refresh rate that climbs as high as 120 Hz. 

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