Intel Fires Up Xeon Max CPUs, GPUs To Rival AMD, Nvidia

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Just days before Supercomputing 22 kicks off, Intel introduced (opens in new tab) its next-generation Xeon Max CPU, previously codenamed Sapphire Rapids HBM, and Data Center GPU Max Series compute GPUs, known as Ponte Vecchio. The new products cater to different types of high-performance computing workloads or work together to solve the most complex supercomputing tasks.

The Xeon Max CPU: Sapphire Rapids Gets 64GB of HBM2E 

General-purpose x86 processors have been used for virtually all kinds of technical computing for decades and therefore support many applications. However, while the performance of general-purpose CPU cores has scaled rather rapidly for years, today’s processors have two significant limitations regarding performance in artificial intelligence and HPC workloads: parallelization and memory bandwidth. Intel’s Xeon Max ‘Sapphire Rapids HBM’ processors promise to remove both boundaries.

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