TSMC Might Bring 3nm Production to U.S.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. could bring production of chips on its leading-edge N3 (3nm-class) fabrication technology to its Arizona camp as part of its expansion, according to a report by Reuters. The company is already building a fab shell at the site and, if it thinks there is enough demand for N3 in the U.S., will install appropriate production relatively quickly. 

“In light of the strong customer demand we are seeing in TSMC’s advanced technology, we will consider adding more capacity in Arizona with a second fab based on operating efficiency and cost economic considerations,” TSMC said in a statement to Reuters

The Wall Street Journal, citing “sources familiar with the matter,” claims that TSMC is considering equipping the new building with tools advanced enough to make chips on the foundry’s leading-edge fabrication technologies from its N3 family, which includes N3, N3E, N3P, N3S, and N3X. 

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When TSMC establishes a new site for a fab, it buys enough land to build multiple phases of this fab, which will share common fab utilities such as gas storage or water purifiers. This is the case with the foundry’s Arizona camp, which can host up to six fab buildings (phases) and which currently accommodates one topped-out fab that will come online in 2024. But apparently the company is already building a shell for another one. 

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