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Team Group MP44L SSD Review: A Budget Drive Done Right

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The Team Group MP44L SSD is a mid-range PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD that’s best if you are looking for a drive with 1TB capacity or less. It’s a basic budget SSD that you could slot into a laptop, desktop, or PlayStation 5 without much trouble or additional fanfare. It utilizes a newer controller and newer flash, so it is both fast and efficient. It’s not the fastest drive on the market but it will give any last-generation PCIe 3.0 drive a run for its money. There is quite a bit of competition in the market, so choosing this drive comes down to pricing and availability.

The Team Group, or just Team, has put out a crazy amount of drives in the last few years. We last reviewed Team’s T-Force Cardea A440 Pro/Special Series in April with some questions about its flash selection. It’s no mystery that many manufacturers are swapping hardware and some of Team’s low-end SATA drives have been spotted with multiple controllers and flash. The MP44L sample under review has hardware of decent quality and we have no issues in recommending it today with the hope that the use of newer hardware will encourage Team to maintain a certain level of performance.


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Product 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB
Pricing $38.99 $56.99 $96.99 $181.99
Form Factor M.2 2280 M.2 2280 M.2 2280 M.2 2280
Interface / Protocol PCIe 4.0 x4 PCIe 4.0 x4 PCIe 4.0 x4 PCIe 4.0 x4
Controller Phison E21T Phison E21T Phison E21T Phison E21T
DRAM No (HMB) No (HMB) No (HMB) No (HMB)
Flash Memory 176-Layer Micron TLC 176-Layer Micron TLC 176-Layer Micron TLC 176-Layer Micron TLC
Sequential Read 4,650 MBps 5,000 MBps 5,000 MBps 4,800 MBps
Sequential Write 1,900 MBps 3,700 MBps 4,500 MBps 4,400 MBps
Random Read 220K 440K 525K 525K
Random Write 470K 545K 550K 550K
Endurance (TBW) 200TBW 300TBW 600TBW 1200TBW
Part Number TM8FPK250G0C101 TM8FPK500G0C101 TM8FPK001T0C101 TM8FPK002T0C101
Warranty 5-Year 5-Year 5-Year 5-Year

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