AMD and SiPearl Team Up for Arm-Based Exascale Supercomputers

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SiPearl, a French company that designs Arm-based processors for supercomputers, on Monday teamed up with AMD to provide a joint offering for exascale supercomputers. Under the terms of the deal, SiPearl will provide its Rhea processors, while AMD will offer its Instinct compute GPUs. 

The collaboration between the two companies will include building software that will be compatible with Arm-based Rhea processors, as well as “assess[ing] the interoperability” of AMD’s ROCm open software with the SiPearl Rhea CPU. AMD’s ROCm is an open platform close-to-metal software stack for GPUs. Apparently, SiPearl would like to use it to program its CPUs as well. Keep in mind that HPC software for Arm is in its infancy. So perhaps making AMD’s ROCm and programs that use it compatible with Rhea makes sense from a time-to-market perspective. 

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