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Arm SoCs to Grab 30% of PC Market by 2026: Analyst

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Apple’s rapid transition to Arm-based system-on-chips has shown the industry how swift such changeover is possible if architected correctly. Analysts from Canalys believe that Arm’s architecture advances so fast that Arm-powered SoCs will grab a sizeable share of the PC market and half of the cloud server market in just four years. But not everyone in the industry is so optimistic.

“By 2026, not 2050 but 2026, four years from now, half of the cloud processors will be ARM-based, 30% of PCs will be ARM-based,” said Steve Brazier, president, and CEO of market research firm Canalys, at an event, reports DigiTimes (opens in new tab). “It is an extraordinary event and an industry-changing event that simply has not been taken seriously enough.

30% of PCs by 2026

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