Best SSD and Hard Drive Enclosures

Best SSD and Hard Drive Enclosures

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Internal storage drives were designed to connect to the SATA or M.2 interfaces inside a PC, but with an SSD or hard drive enclosure, you can turn one into a USB-connected, portable backup device. Whether you want to give an old drive new life by turning it into external storage, you buy a new, internal SSD with the goal of turning it into an external drive or you just need to plug your new SSD into a USB port so you can clone your system onto it, the right enclosure is essential.

Depending on the type of storage you are enclosing and how fast you want the connection to be, an SSD or hard drive enclosure will cost anywhere from $12 to $150. While most SSD enclosures do nothing more than protect your drive, dissipate heat and convert its interface to USB, some also have extra bells and whistles such as RGB lighting or a status menu.  To help you choose, we’ve tested more than a dozen different models to help you find the best SSD and hard drive enclosures, which we list below.

If you don’t have a spare drive or don’t want to deal with installing an internal drive into an enclosure, you can of course buy one of the best external SSDs from our tested list. Just know that you can often save money by going the DIY route by buying and enclosure and installing your own drive. Plus, you can upgrade your drive down the road with an enclosure, while external SSDs are sealed devices that aren’t designed to be opened.  

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