TSMC Reveals 2nm Node: 30% More Performance by 2025

TSMC Racing to 1nm, Investing $32 Billion for Fab: Report

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In an interview, a vice prime minister of Taiwan said that TSMC had already made a strategic decision about where to build its fab capable of producing chips using 1nm-class (10 angstroms) fabrication technology in the second half of this decade. Still, these chip production facilities will be costly.

TSMC fabs that will make chips using its 1nm-class production nodes will be located near Longtan Science Park near Taoyuan, said Shen Jong-chin, vice prime minister of Taiwan, in an interview with Economic Daily (opens in new tab) (via Dan Nystedt (opens in new tab)). Of course, TSMC’s plans have to be made official, and a lot may change by the time the world’s largest foundry commits to the plan, but it looks like the company has already disclosed its general intentions to Taiwanese politicians.

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