The Deepcool LT720 LCS Infinity Cooler

The Deepcool LT720 LCS Infinity Cooler

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Looks Good And Cools Well Too

Deepcool have released a new LT720 LCS all in one watercooler, with a fancy looking waterblock and a radiator cooled with three 120mm FC120 fluid dynamic fans.  The waterblock doesn’t just have RGBs, instead half the top is transparent to show off the  RGB-lit infinity mirror they added to it.  That top is removable, to make installation easier for you.  Unfortunately, they did add thermal grease to the bottom of the cold plate, which you may decide to scrape off to replace with your own.

Guru3D’s testing at default clocks showed this to be a decent performer, solidly in the middle of the pack and kept a Core i7 4790K at 4600Mhz under 80C.  As for the sound levels, it never exceed 43 dBA even under full load.  It might not be the best cooler on the market, but it certainly has an unique look that might suit your system well.

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