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CharaChorder Keyboard Technology Gets Packed Into a USB Dongle

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The CharaChorder team has shoveled its chording keyboard text input technology into a USB dongle. The new product, dubbed the CharaChorder X (opens in new tab), has been proving extremely popular on Kickstarter and has already attracted nearly 7x the funding goal with three whole weeks to go.

CharaChorder X is claimed to facilitate an increase in the average human typing speed “from 40 words per minute up to 250 words per minute ”by enabling input via text chords. Here the word ‘chords’ is used as an analog to how a musician plays on a musical keyboard, pressing multiple keys simultaneously for the desired sound. A text input keyboard interprets numerous vital presses via a CharaChorder X USB dongle to produce the selected word.

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For example, when a user chords a word like ‘try,’ they will simultaneously mash down the r+t+y keys on their QWERTY keyboard. CharaChorder X uses its innovative interpreting software and training to understand that try, or you will typically be ‘try,’ which is essential to getting the technology to work. It is also possible to mash shorter keyboard combos to input much longer words – like executing a macro.

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