AMD Allegedly Prepping Three Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs

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AMD is expected to formally reveal its Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000-series processors equipped with 3D V-Cache at CES 2023, although it is not yet officially confirmed. However, a South Korean media report says the company is preparing to introduce three new Ryzen 7000 X3D processors with 96 MB or 192 MB L3 cache in January. 

The three Ryzen 7000 X3D models will allegedly feature 16, 12, and eight cores, according to Quasarzone, a popular South Korean publication (the report was kindly translated for the world by @harukaze5719). The processors are expected to be unveiled in January, so Intel will likely announce them at CES to attract maximum attention to the new parts and their capabilities. 

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