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Cool Pi 4: The RK3588S Eight-Core Raspberry Pi Alternative

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For those times when the Raspberry Pi 4 (opens in new tab) just isn’t powerful enough, Cool Pi has a new board that can offer a little more in the way of processing ability. The Cool Pi 4 B is the same size and shape as the Raspberry Pi board (opens in new tab), but features an eight-core CPU and an NPU, plus 8K video too. It’s also more expensive, but there seem to be plenty in stock.

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The board certainly looks very familiar, but look closer and you can pick out the differences between the Cool Pi and the Raspberry Pi. Possibly the most obvious is the bright yellow 3.5mm composite jack, though of course the Raspberry Pi 4 has one of those too, just in black. The Cool Pi features two video outputs, but while one is a Micro HDMI, the other is a Micro DisplayPort. The HDMI hits the 2.1 standard, allowing 8K/60 output if you’ve got the screen to display it, while the DisplayPort is stuck in the Stone Age with 4K/60. 

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