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Grab a 32-Inch 4K LG Monitor for Under $300: Real Deals

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Today’s deals include a 4K monitor, a powerful laptop with an interesting 16:10 screen aspect ratio, Logitech peripherals, and a fast portable storage solution.  

If you’re looking for a budget 4K monitor for under $300 then perhaps you may be interested in the LG 32UN500-W 4K Monitor for $296 from Amazon (opens in new tab). This screen has a large 32-inch VA panel that brings you a sharp 4K picture but does lack some of the refinements of its more expensive relatives in the LG range. If you have a look at our review of the LG 32UN500-W (opens in new tab) you can see how we liked its decent build quality, adaptive sync, and good contrast, but, were disappointed with its mediocre HDR performance, lack of USB ports, and no height adjustment or portrait support. Overall we gave the LG 32UN500-W 4 out of 5 stars. 

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