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SK Hynix, Intel Develop MCR DIMM: DDR5-8000+ for High-Capacity Modules

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When it comes to memory modules, there is usually a tradeoff between performance and capacity. But the novel MCR DIMM concept introduced by SK hynix and Intel on Thursday promises to wed extreme performance and capacity. The memory maker promises that its MCR DIMMs will enable data transfer rates of over 8000 MT/s, while offering unprecedented capacities. 

SK hynix’s Multiplexer Combined Ranks (MCR) DIMMs are dual-rank memory modules that make both ranks work simultaneously using a special buffer. Normally, modules with two physical ranks work like one module, therefore when the host CPU (or memory controller) fetches data from such a module, it can only fetch 64 bytes of data at a time. But the buffer developed by SK hynix, Intel, and Renesas allows two physical ranks to work like two modules in parallel, thus doubling performance by fetching 128 bytes of data from both ranks at the same time. 

The magic of the MCR technology is that both physical ranks (i.e., memory chips) of a dual-rank module continue to operate at more or less ‘standard’ clocks, which simplifies building high-capacity modules. Meanwhile, it is the Renesas multiplexer buffer that fetches 128 bytes of data from two modules and works at an 8000 MT/s or higher data transfer rate with the host CPU memory controller, again simplifying building high-speed modules. 

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