Sabrent Rocket 2230

Sabrent Launches 5 GB/s SSDs For The Steam Deck

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Sabrent has revealed the company’s new Rocket 2230 SSD, which will fight for a spot on the list of best SSDs. The Sabrent Rocket 2230, like its name implies, conforms to the M.2 2230 form factor and caters to compact devices, such as the Steam Deck, Microsoft Surface, ultrabooks, and Intel NUCs.

Due to the Steam Deck’s design, the portable gaming console only accepts M.2 2230 SSDs, and there aren’t many options on the market. One particular Steam Deck owner discovered a mod to slip longer SSDs, like the M.2 2242 ones, into the device. However, Steam Deck’s designer warned against such hacks since they can provoke overheating issues on the Steam Deck and considerably shorten the consoler’s life span. Sabrent’s latest Rocket 2230 SSD makes upgrading the SSD inside your Steam Deck easier and safer.

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