Arduino Make Your Uno Kit

Arduino Make Your Uno Kit Review: Build Your Own Microcontroller

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Arduino was there before the Raspberry Pi and it democratized access to electronics and hardware hacking long before everybody’s favorite SBC. The Arduino Uno, the most famous board in the range is now over a decade old. In that time it has powered countless projects, but we have never officially been able to make our own. Until now.

Arduino’s $58 Make Your Uno kit is much more than an Arduino Uno in a box of components. Rather, we have to construct our own Uno from the included parts. This means that we need to use one of the best soldering irons to solder the components into place. But this kit doesn’t just give us the parts to make an Arduino microcontroller; we also construct our own shield (a similar concept to Raspberry Pi’s HAT add-ons) and an Audio Synth which we can use to make music / beeps / boops.

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