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I Bought a Used Monitor. It’s My Best Tech Purchase This Year.

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In these challenging economic times, we still want the best tech, but we also need to save money. Buying pre-owned gear is always an option, but to many folks including me, spending on used items feels equal parts risky and “icky.” After all, who wants to spend money on tech that is outdated, has been pawed by strangers and could have a shorter lifespan than a product you buy brand new? 

However, I recently pulled the trigger on a preowned monitor and found that buying a used display not only saved me money, but allowed me to get a better quality product than I might otherwise afford, without worrying about it wearing out after a few months or years. While buying pre-owned isn’t right for every situation, it can be a great way to get your hands on a high-end display at a lower-end price.

Why Buy a Used Monitor?

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