Best Last-Minute Digital Gifts

11 Last-Minute Gifts for Techies That Arrive Instantly

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Whether you’re reading this on Christmas day or a couple of days before, it’s likely too late to order a physical gift online and have it arrive by December 25th or even the day after. What if you forgot to get a gift for someone and you need one right now? The good news is that, in the age of the Internet, you can buy digital gifts even on Christmas day and have them delivered immediately via email or, if you’re seeing the giftee in person, you can print the gift out on paper. 

The most obvious, but boring gift to give someone is a gift certificate to a store such as Amazon that sells everything. That’s like giving someone a wad of cash and helpful but not particularly thoughtful. Better to buy someone a gift that’s targeted to their interests and shows that you really thought about them. 

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