Audeze LCD-GX Review: A gaming Headset for Audiophiles

Audeze LCD-GX Review: A gaming Headset for Audiophiles

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There’s somewhat of a stereotype that says gamers don’t appreciate audio. This isn’t true, but it’s also not totally false: it’s not the gamers, it’s gaming. Gaming doesn’t care about audio — at least, not in the way critical listening audiophiles care about audio. 

Game audio is mainly designed to be immersive (opens in new tab). There are many elements that make up immersive audio, including realistic sound reproduction and a thoughtfully-crafted spatial environment, as well as responsive auditory signals/feedback. Audio quality also plays a part — it’s just not the biggest part.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no space for a wildly-expensive, audiophile-grade gaming headset — such as Audeze’s LCD-GX.

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The LCD-GX is an over-ear, open-back planar magnetic gaming headset with a lightweight magnesium frame and a design that mirrors the rest of Audeze’s LCD lineup. It comes with multiple cables (one of which has an external boom microphone) and adapters, and it has a low impedance and power requirement so you can plug it directly into most gaming devices without needing an amp. Oh, and it costs $899, which makes it the most expensive gaming headset we’ve reviewed — by far However, for that price, it’s one of the best gaming headsets you can buy.

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