Windows 7 Booted at 5 MHz

Developer Runs Windows 7 on a 5 MHz CPU with 128MB of RAM

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Today, you can’t buy a new x86 processor that runs at under 1 GHz, with most mainstream desktop CPUs carrying base clocks that are well over 2 GHz or even in the 3 GHz range and boosting up much higher than that. However, back in the 1980s and 1990s, processors that operated at just a few MHz were common, with the original IBM PC clocking in at just 4.77 MHz itself.

Could one run a modern Windows operating system on a CPU with such a low clock speed? Developer and popular YouTuber NTDEV has proven that you can, booting and using Windows 7, which launched in 2009, on a Pentium-S processor that was downclocked to just 5 MHz. That’s a full 995 MHz below the 2009-era OS’s 1-GHz minimum requirement. The test system also had just 128MB of RAM, which is way short of Windows 7’s 1GB minimum requirement.

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