Alienware AW2524H 500Hz gaming monitor

Alienware’s 500 Hz IPS Gaming Monitor Breaks Cover

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According to a new leak, Alienware is preparing its fastest desktop gaming monitor to date. Twitter’s Chi11eddog shared an image of a purported Alienware AW2524H today, an IPS monitor with a claimed 500 Hz refresh rate. The seasoned leaker added that this alluring and stylish gaming monitor will be officially unveiled at CES 2023, which kicks off next week.

We don’t have a lot of supplementary information about the Alienware AW2524H. The source shares the biggest news, namely that this is a ‘fast IPS’ panel packing monitor with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. About the headlining refresh rate, this monitor is claimed to achieve 480 Hz native with the DisplayPort connector, but it can also reach 500Hz on the same connector with a modest overclock.

Alienware’s monitor terminology indicates that the AW2524H uses a display panel with a 25-inch diagonal (probably 24.5-inches). Most of the firm’s currently available monitors include the next two digits of ‘23’, so it seems reasonable to believe that the new AW2524H will be on sale soon and continue to be current through 2024. Lastly, Alienware inserts a ‘D’ in the model name for curved monitors, so this is definitely a flat display. The ‘H’ suffix may signal the very High refresh rate.

(Image credit: Alienware Chi11eddog)

The design of the Alienware AW2524H, as pictured by Chi11eddog, is very much like the current AW2523HF, which we reviewed in October, except the logo text on the rear appears to be a different color / LED backlit. That model, available for about $400, also featured a fast FHS IPS panel and scored well in our tests. However, the new model boosts the top refresh rate from 360 Hz to that magic 500 Hz figure. Though mainstream gamers may shrug at the uplift from 360 to 500 Hz, Alienware’s upcoming gaming monitor may excite serious eSports gamers with powerful PCs.

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