Analysts Estimate TSMC’s 3nm Yields Between 60% and 80%

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TSMC began mass production of chips based on its first N3 (3nm-class) fabrication process several months after Samsung Foundry kicked off high-volume manufacturing using its 3GAE (3nm-class, gate-all-around early) node, but TSMC’s yields are dramatically better, according to a report by Business Next that cites various industry analysts and experts, but TSMC hasn’t confirmed the reports.

Analysts and experts specializing in semiconductors interviewed by Business Next estimated that at present TSMC’s N3 yields could be as low as 60% to 70% or as high as 75% to 80%, which is quite good for the first batch. Meanwhile, financial analyst Dan Nystedt tweeted that TSMC’s current N3 yields are similar to N5 yields early in its ramp-up, which, according to media, could be as high as 80%. 

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