Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

Best Raspberry Pi Accessories of 2022

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Raspberry Pis are still in short supply (but things are looking up in 2023), if you are lucky enough to grab a Raspberry Pi for as little as $5 (for the Raspberry Pi Zero) or more likely from $35 (for the Raspberry Pi 4 1GB), you’ll need a few extra products to make the most of it. There’s a whole world of accessories that help you make the most of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO. These accessories have been around since the Raspberry Pi was released, when it had just 26 GPIO pins. Using special addon boards we can take advantage of the more recent Raspberry Pi’s 40 pin GPIO to control and interact with electronic components and create diverse projects such as robotics, machine learning and IoT and even our own home server. 

As with any computer,  you’ll need a way to enter data and a way to see the interface, which usually means getting a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. However, you can opt for a headless Raspberry Pi install, which allows you to remote control the Pi from your PC. In that case, the minimum requirements are:

  • microSD card of at least 8GB, but the best Raspberry Pi microSD cards have 32GB or more. When you first set up a Raspberry Pi, you need to “burn” the OS onto it by using a PC, another Raspberry Pi or even a phone with microSD card reader.
  • Power supply: For the Raspberry Pi 4, you need a USB-C power source that provides at least 3 amps / 5 volts, but for other Raspberry Pis, you need a micro USB connection that offers at least 2.5 amps and the same 5 volts. Your power supply provides power to both the Pi and any attached HATs and USB devices, so always look for supplies that can provide a higher amperage at 5 volts as this will give you a little headroom to safely power your projects.

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