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Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra has the Biggest Sensor Ever Put in a Webcam

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Razer just debuted its newest webcam, the Kiyo Pro Ultra, which has the “largest image sensor ever used in a webcam” (according to Razer). The Kiyo Pro Ultra is the company’s first 4K webcam and features AI-powered face tracking as well as an HDR mode. It’s available on Razer’s website today for $299.99 — which is pricey, but in line with other similarly-equipped 4K webcams. 

The Kiyo Pro Ultra uses a Sony 1/1.2-inch Starvis 2 sensor with a pixel size of 2.9 micrometers, and has a F/1.7 aperture lens to let in more light. I had a chance to see the Kiyo Pro Ultra in action at Razer’s CES suite, and while the picture looked pretty good (too good, like all 4K webcams, in my opinion), I wouldn’t say that it looked shockingly well-lit compared to the low-light performance of other 4K webcams.

It’s a large webcam — though, Razer was quick to point out, not as large as the Elgato Facecam Pro — but it features the same round, lens-focused design as its predecessor, the 1080p Kiyo Pro, one of the best webcams. Like the Kiyo Pro, this webcam comes with a physical dust cover that slides easily over the lens to protect it from dust and scratches.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Unlike the Kiyo Pro, the Kiyo Pro Ultra also features a built-in physical privacy shutter, which is situated behind the glass and opens and closes with a twist of the ring surrounding the lens. I’m paranoid, so I love to see a physical privacy shutter, and this one is very nicely integrated into the webcam’s design.

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