G-Code 101

G-Code 101: Modify Your 3D Printing Files

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What is G-Code?

RS-274, more commonly known as G-Code is a programming language for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) used in computer-aided manufacturing. The basic gist of the language is that it tells a tool / device to “go there, and do this”.

G-Code can be used with many different types of machines, from laser cutters, lathes, mills and the best 3D printers. For 3D printers, G-code is typically created when we “slice” an object for printing. Slicing converts an object into a series of layers, which use G-Code commands to move the tool to mimic the outline and internal structure of the object. Common slicers, such as Cura and PrusaSlicer will do all of the hard work for us, but if we were to write our own G-Code, we could create scripts to tweak and tune our 3D printer for the best possible service.

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