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Grab a Lian Li Lancool III Mid Tower Case For $139: Real Deals

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It’s always good to take care in choosing a cracking case for your PC builds as they often end up lasting for years or multiple generations of your PC tinkering. Have a look through our Best PC Cases (opens in new tab) for some of our favorite examples. 

A solid sequel to the Lancool II, Lian Li’s Lancool III is also a pleasure to build in and this case comes with four 140mm fans, which will help to keep your PC components cool. The Lian Li Lancool III is available in White for $139 from Newegg (opens in new tab). We reviewed the Lancool III (opens in new tab) awarding it an Editor’s Choice award. The Lancool III was roomy with excellent cable management, although with all the large fans and airflow – it could also be a little noisy at times.  

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