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Homebrew Intel Arc OC Tool Released by Legendary Overclocker

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Overclocking legend Peter “Shamino” Tan, who currently works for Asus, has released Arc OC Tool (opens in new tab), a homemade program to overclock Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards. Unfortunately, neither Intel nor Asus endorses this utility, so it’s provided as is and you should only use it at your own risk.

Among the best graphics cards, Intel Arc doesn’t play nice with popular third-party overclocking software, such as MSI Afterburner, Asus GPU Tweak III, or EVGA Precision X1. Being a tenderfoot to the graphics card game, it’s puzzling that Intel didn’t make its graphics cards work with external overclocking applications or at least reach out to the respective parties to usher in support. Until now, Arc owners have been stuck with Intel’s Arc Control software to overclock their graphics cards. Arc Control isn’t a bad tool, but it certainly has limitations.

Tan built the Arc OC Tool around the Intel Graphics Control Library (opens in new tab) (IGCL), so the software comes with all the overclocking functions available as of January 9. Although he works for Asus, the Arc OC Tool works with any Arc graphics card and motherboard regardless of the vendor. The program is available for download from overclocking expert Pieter-Jan Plaisier’s SkatterBencher website (opens in new tab).

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Arc OC Tool supports offset and static (locked) overclocking. The former taps into the graphics card’s voltage-frequency curve, whereas the latter enables consumers to dial in a specific voltage and frequency. For now, Intel’s own Arc Control software only allows offset overclocking, so the static feature is exclusive to Tan’s homebrew software.

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