Toybox Review: A Kid’s First Printer

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The Toybox printer is the Easy Bake Oven of 3D printing, a junior sized introduction to a grown up hobby. Everything about the Toybox is made with younger children in mind. Its all-metal frame is tough with rounded edges, there are very few exposed parts and the printer can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone. Terminology regarding the printer’s use is fun and silly: you “feed” the printer “food” such as Lemon, Bubblegum, Sugarplum and Coconut plastics. The tiny spools of filament are small enough for kids to handle easily – with a smaller price tag to make it easier to buy several colors.

The printer is as bulletproof as a company can make a machine and the native slicer is pre-programmed to one setting. But what Toybox is selling for a hefty retail price of $419 – more than many of the best 3D printers – isn’t so much a 3D printer, but a child-friendly toy building experience that happens to use a 3D printer. The printer pulls files from a curated library of family friendly prints – every upload claims to be human approved, G-rated and compatible with the printing abilities of the Toybox. The company has licensing agreements with DC Comics, Cartoon Network and a few other studios, making this the one place you can print an approved comic book character action figure. 

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