Biwin Demos Acer Predator GM7 SSD With Banned Chinese Fab's Flash, Planned for US Market

Biwin Demos Acer Predator GM7 SSD With Banned Chinese Fab’s Flash, Planned for US Market

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Despite the flurry of PCIe 5.0 SSDs on display, Acer licensee Biwin Technology had one of the most interesting drives at CES 2023: The Acer Predator GM7 SSD armed with flash from YMTC, a China-based NAND flash chipmaker caught up in the US-China trade war. This flash maker is now on the US Entity List, meaning all imports and exports to the company have to be reviewed and approved by the US Commerce Department. However, Biwin still hopes to bring this new SSD to the US market — restrictions permitting, of course. 

YMTC may seem like an obscure company, but its revolutionary flash architecture has attracted some of the biggest names in the industry, including Apple, which reportedly qualified the flash for use in its own devices and even helped it recruit staff. Given the new restrictions, Apple has reportedly put those plans on ice, but Biwin is still plowing forward with its Acer-branded SSD. 

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