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More AMD RX 6950XT Price Drops as the XFX Speedster Merc 319 Falls to $699: Real Deals

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Great news for gamers as some of the most powerful graphics cards start to come down in price. Last-generation AMD halo cards like the 6900 XT and 6950 XT have commanded high prices around the $1000 mark, and now, thanks to the new 7000-series and Nvidia 40-series cards coming onto the market, the prices of last-gen cards are dropping to more affordable prices. If you take a look at our GPU Hierarchy (opens in new tab) and best GPUs for gaming (opens in new tab), you can see how cards compare and performance data.

The XFX Speedster Merc 319 AMD RX 6950XT Black Gaming GPU is now $699 (opens in new tab) thanks to promo code SSCNA826 at Newegg, making it the cheapest this particular card has been. 

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