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Grab a Dell S2721DGF 27-Inch QHD Monitor While It’s Reduced to $299: Real Deals

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Great news if you’re after a new monitor, one of our favorites and previous picks for the best gaming monitor (opens in new tab) — the Dell S2721DGF is back down to $299 (opens in new tab). With an excellent color gamut and fast refresh rate, this monitor is a good choice for any gaming setup. 

Speaking of gaming setups, no desk is complete without a keyboard to game and work on. This deal really depends on whether or not you like the color scheme of the device in question. Logitech’s G Pro mechanical keyboard is $59 (opens in new tab), which is the cheapest version of this keeb, and it’s all due to the color. This is the official League of Legends branded peripheral and matches up with the mouse and headset from the Logitech G Pro range. 

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