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AMD Integrated Radeon 780M 25% Faster Than RDNA 2 Predecessor

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What might be the first benchmark results for the RDNA 3 graphics architecture AMD Radeon 780M have surfaced on a Chinese tech forum. Bilibili user Golden Pig Upgrade Pack (GPUP) asserts that he has tested an AMD APU packing the Radeon 780M iGPU in 3DMark Time Spy.

Interestingly, the PC tech enthusiast ran at least two separate tests, on two systems, checking how different memory configurations impacted the graphics performance. At its best, the new 780M is over 25% faster than its predecessor (the RDNA 2 graphics architecture 680M), and is within touching distance of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050 Laptop GPU.

(Image credit: 3DMark)

Whether the above performance test results are genuine or not, it is almost certain that the upcoming Radeon 780M is going to be the fastest iGPU available from any vendor, and it will be the first RDNA 3 iGPU for PC system buyers and DIYers.

The Radeon 780M and 760M were announced by AMD during CES 2023 last month, as major attractions of the latest Ryzen 7040 series Phoenix family APUs for “ultimate ultra-thin” performance. AMD’s new iGPU flagship, the all-new RDNA 3-based Radeon 780M, has 12 CUs (768 SPs) and a max 3,000MHz clock speed. Meanwhile, the 760M will offer 8CUs (512 SPs) and up to 2,800MHz clocks.

So, how did GPUP’s Radeon 780M samples perform? We have tabulated both results, included a handful of rivals, and a well known desktop stalwart, to provide a clear comparison, below.

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Time Spy graphics score

Radeon 780M



Radeon 780M



Radeon 680M

Average score


GeForce RTX 2050 Laptop

Average score


GeForce RTX 1050 Laptop

Average score


GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Average score


Intel Arc A380

Average score


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