Asus TUF Gaming 550W Bronze Power Supply Review

Asus TUF Gaming 550W Bronze Power Supply Review

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The ASUS TUF Gaming 550W Bronze is a budget-oriented PSU that manages to achieve high-performance thanks to the modern platform that it uses. Nevertheless, the competition is rough. Although units like the XPG Pylon 550, Corsair CX650M, and Thermaltake Smart BM2 550 use less-advanced platforms, they still take the lead in overall performance, leaving no room for the TUF Gaming 550 to earn a place in our best PSUs article

The TUF-Gaming series consists of four PSU models with capacities ranging from 450W to 750W. The model we are evaluating here has 550W max power, ideal for a a small home PC with a mid-end GPU or a business-oriented PC with an embedded GPU. To keep the production cost low, ASUS used a non-modular but modern design provided by Great Wall. This is the same platform found in the Corsair CX line, which has been replaced by the CX-M line that might utilize a semi-modular design but also uses a less advanced platform than CX. 

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