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Best Mouse Jiggler Methods: Downloads, Dongles, DIY Jigglers, and More

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There are several reasons why you might need an automatic mouse jiggler / mouse mover to keep your computer awake and your chat apps showing you as active. Perhaps you have a corporate computer that automatically locks itself after just a few minutes of inactivity, and you want it to stay unlocked while you step away for a few minutes. Maybe you have a very backward-thinking boss who, instead of looking at your work output, evaluates your productivity by how often they see you listed as “active” in Slack or Teams. Or maybe you’re running some automated process on a PC, and you just need to ensure that it doesn’t go to sleep.

There are many different ways to simulate activity on a PC, which range from using a piece of software to make the pointer move to using a physical mouse jiggler that literally shakes your pointing device around or triggers its optical sensor. Below, we’ll explore all the best ways to automatically move your mouse and keep Windows (and your chat apps) from seeing you as inactive. Keep in mind, though, that just jiggling the mouse won’t fool professional employee monitoring software that logs your keystrokes, takes screenshots and records much more than just how often you move your pointer.

Method 1: Mouse Jiggler Program

Mouse Jiggler App (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Mouse Jiggler Program

Price: Free

Totally free

Requires you to run an app
Jiggles if you keep it going

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