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LinusTechTips: Buying Second-Hand GPUs Is a Good Idea, Even From Miners

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LinusTechTips shared a new video recently showing the advantages of buying second-hand GPUs right now, even if the cards were used for mining. The video’s goal was to disprove the growing ideology that mining cards are bad purchases altogether and show how mined GPUs can be in as good, or even better condition compared to used gaming GPUs.

For testing, LinusTechTips bought a plethora of used graphics cards last year, that were desirable for mining purposes at one point in time. Models range from AIB partner model RTX 3060s, all the way to RTX 3080 10GB cards, as well as AMD’s Radeon RX 5700 XT GPUs. All models were compared against lightly used counterparts LTT had in its possession.

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