tiny11 runs on tiny amount of RAM

Stripped Down Windows 11 OS Runs on 200 MB of RAM

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PC enthusiasts have been inspired by the de-bloated Windows 11 22H2 build, tiny11, and its relatively meager hardware demands. On Friday we reported on tiny11’s developer NTDev, who distilled Microsoft’s cumbersome OS into a sub-8GB wonder, claiming the slimmed-down system ran “great” with 2GB of RAM. Today, NTDev followed up with a boast that his creation was “running on just 384MB of RAM.” Typically, pride comes before a fall, and it wasn’t long before another tiny11 user shared a screenshot proving they had managed to boot up tiny11 in under 200MB of RAM.

According to HP’s (opens in new tab) PC timeline (because my memory isn’t what it used to be) it has been two decades since PCs shipped with circa 256MB of system RAM as standard. Those were the days of the Pentium 4 (desktop), Pentium M (laptop) and Windows XP SP2. This puts the achievement of running Windows 11 on  less than 200MB of RAM into some perspective.

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