Intel’s Alder Lake, Raptor Lake CPUs Get Support for 192GB of DDR5

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MSI on Friday announced that its Intel 600 and 700-series motherboards fully support 24GB and 48GB DDR5 memory modules. As a result, Intel’s latest 12th Gen and 13th Generation Core processors can now support up to 192GB of DDR5 memory on MSI’s platforms based on Intel’s latest chipsets. Other makers of motherboards will likely follow MSI’s statement shortly. 

Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs for desktops pack up to 24 cores (8 performance cores, 16 efficiency cores) and can certainly take advantage of more than 128GB of random access memory currently supported by desktop platforms. MSI says it has rigorously tested its MEG, MPG, MAG, and PRO-series motherboards based on Z790, B760, Z690, B660, and H610 chipsets and now states that they are able to use new 24GB and 48GB memory modules. 

(Image credit: MSI)

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