World’s Smallest 3D Printer is 41mm Tall, Outputs Detailed Models

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Most 3D printers are relatively large. Even the Ender 2 Pro, the best 3D printer for people with limited space, measures 421 x 383 x 465mm (16.6 x 15 x 18.3 inches) and weighs 4.5kg (10 pounds). However, one maker is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, showing off a working 3D printer that outputs sharp prints but is just 18 x 31 x 41mm (0.7 x 1.2 x 1.6 inches) and tips the scales at a mere 17g (0.03 pounds). That is the tiniest unit we’ve ever seen or heard of and very likely meets its inventor’s claim that it is the smallest 3D printer in the world. 

In a video on their YouTube channel, the user who goes by the username My N Mi shows the tiny SLA 3D Printer outputting a tiny, translucent green model of a robot within just a few minutes. The tiny printer appears to be made from a combination of wood and plastic with a motor that moves the build plate up and down as an unseen LED imprints the light on resin material that sits in a tiny tank.

This is how all SLA (aka resin) 3D printers work but at a tiny scale. At one point, we see My N Mi fill the tank with tiny drops of resin from a syringe. The printer is powered and receives its data via a micro USB port on its back.

(Image credit: YouTube: My N Mi)

In the video, My N Mi claims that their printer has a maximum build volume of 11 x 11 x 17mm, an accuracy of 0.135mm, and a layer resolution of 0.005 to 0.3mm. By comparison, the best resin 3D printer we have tested, the Anycubic Photon M3, has a build volume of 163 x 102 x 180mm, and its z-axis accuracy is 0.01mm. However, the M3 weighs 7 kg (15.4 pounds).

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