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Open-Source, RISC-V Laptop Will Be Easy to Make and Upgrade

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A new RISC-V concept laptop design is in the works, known as the Balthazar Personal Computing Device. This laptop design is designed from the ground up to be a completely open-source laptop, that is cheap to buy and can be directly upgraded by the user themself.  The laptop is not being sold directly by its creators. Instead, it’s a concept design people or companies can use to build real versions of the device.

The goal of the Balthazar laptop is to give users complete control over their computing experience with a device that is capable of using hardware and software that is built with open and secure standards and is inexpensive to make. The Balthazar laptop project wants to lead by example, showing hardware manufacturers that an open-source future is the way to go, abandoning the closed hardware architectures so many manufacturers use today.

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