Core i9-13900HK 5.8GHz OC w/ RoC

Intel’s Unreleased Overclocking App Pushes Mobile Core i9-13900HK to 5.8GHz

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Overclocking expert der8auer recently published a video where he ventured inside Intel’s OC-lab to see how the company tests its unlocked processors. In the video, he showed off a confidential Intel overclocking application – called Real Time Overlocking (ROC), which he used to push a mobile Core i9-13900HK all the way to 5.8GHz stably before the system crashed at 6GHz.

In der8auer’s own words, the ROC app is a slimmed-down version of Intel’s XTU program. He says he much prefers it over XTU, and the interface is much more intuitive compared to XTU as well.

(Image credit: YouTube – der8auer EN)

The application is quite simple. On the main page there’s a section called “Per-Core Ratio and AVX Offset,” and you have an incredibly simple interface that shows all the cores in the CPU as boxes. The user can then hold a left click and drag the mouse over which cores they want to overclock. To the right, there’s a core ratio slider, as well as CPU multiplier offsets for AVX2, AVX512, and TMUL.

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