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Low-Power Intel 13th Gen T Series CPUs Finally Hit Market

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Intel’s new Raptor Lake T series CPUs are finally being sold online, including the i9-13900T, (opens in new tab) i7-13700T, (opens in new tab) i5-13600T, (opens in new tab) 13500T, (opens in new tab) 13400T (opens in new tab), and i3-13100T (opens in new tab) from German retailer CaseKing. Originally these chips were supposed to launch a month ago, but that did not come to pass for unknown reasons. 

With a 35W TDP, Intel’s 13th Gen T series CPUs are the lowest power-consuming processors you can buy that use Intel’s latest Raptor Lake architecture and fit into a desktop socket.  If you are planning your own build (see how to build a PC), you probably won’t want one of these, unless you plan to put it in a small form factor chassis without a lot of (or any) active cooling. However, we often see T series chips in prebuilt mini PCs such as Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M Tiny series. 

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